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On 84-m to year of life died actor Genie Wilder
Main: Август 29, yesterday
On 84-m to year of life died actor Genie Wilder
On 84-m to year of life died actor gene Wilder, best known for his role in the film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory"... On the death of Gene Wilder said his nephew. He said that the actor died this month from complications associated with Alzheimer's disease. discuss
US stocks closed higher
Finance: Август 29, yesterday
US stocks closed higher
The us stock market closed with a growth, evidenced by the auction. The Dow Jones rose by 0.58% and amounted to 18 502,99 points. The S&P 500 up 0.26% to 2180,38 points. discuss
Ship of the Baltic fleet was rescued from the storm of civil boat
Incidents: Август 30, today
Ship of the Baltic fleet was rescued from the storm of civil boat
Large landing ship "Ivan Gren", conducted tests in the Gulf, saved the civilian boat with people: he had covered the ship from the storm and accompanied in Zelenogorsk. This was announced on Monday, the Department of information support the press service of the Western military district for the Baltic fleet. discuss
Five people were killed when a lightning strike in Bolivia
Society: Август 30, today
Five people were killed when a lightning strike in Bolivia
Lightning struck a barn in Bolivia. The incident occurred in the town of San Lorenzo of the Department of Beni. As reported RIA Novosti, during the incident, a group of people were hiding indoors from the weather. discuss
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DenK 4 days ago

Modern facilities, provides the company, in the city of Kharkov. I will be in touch with the company.

nema_durnikh 11 days ago
faced with Alexei and his wife Victoria. In debt, as in silks. Of the vessels climbs. Both have previous convictions and things calm down. Planted,though! Or legs.

Olga 9 days ago
Bought two of the perfume of the same brand of MY EMOTIONS (pink, and it smells differently. and in one floating hairs. The pencil smeared and lipstick spreads, although the representative said the op ...

SP pots O. I.
Paid for the knob for the gas hob and 3 weeks are unable to contact anyone. On the phone no one answers and by email.mail same thing!

Nikolajj yesterday
Alliance-BC, LLC
Worse company I didn't see and didn't. Held out for almost a week after ordering! They fed us Breakfast, in the end, advised the company in which valuable was higher 4 TIMES!!! Make your own conclusi ...

Yurijj 5 days ago
Company Sewing bed linen
Purchased this product at home already realizing suddenly that underwear would be such poor quality. Everywhere stick thread, fabric stated that natural, but it can be seen that it is synthetic. From ...

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About the city of Novokuzneck

Погода в Новокузнецке В 19:00 на метеостанции (17 км) было +17.8 °C небольшая облачность, атмосферное давление в пределах нормы, высокая влажность (72%), легкий ветер (2 м/с), дующий с юго-юго-востока. В Новокузнецке завтра в 07:00 ожидается +11°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.